frequently asked questions.

q: how much milk should i use?

a: just fill the jar straight to the top! when you're pouring, the oats will bubble at first. this is normal! let the milk settle before you add more. 

q: what kind of milk should i use?

a: your favorite kind! almond, soy, macadamia nut, cashew, and hemp are all great choices. personally, we love oat milk, but we don't discriminate.

q: how long should i keep it in the fridge?

a: at least 4 hours. overnight is preferable.

q: how long does it last?

a: about 5 days in the fridge after the initial refrigeration. the longer it stays in the fridge, the softer it will get. after taking it out of the fridge, it will be best up to 2 hours. 

q: can i eat oats if i'm gluten-free? vegan? allergic to nuts?

a: yup! we use certified gluten-free oats, all vegan ingredients, and no nuts whatsoever.

q: can i heat it up and eat it warm?

a: definitely. prepare it as you normally would (pour milk and refrigerate) and when it's ready, heat it up. you can pop it in the microwave in a separate bowl, or reheat it on the stove.

q: do i have to eat it right away?

a: up to you! when oats first come out of the fridge, they are colder and more solid. the longer it stays out of the fridge, the warmer it will get and likely more liquidy. feel free to take it on the go, although it is best within 2 hours of leaving the fridge. 

q: can i add toppings?

a: for sure! although øats tastes great on its own, feel free to get creative and add your toppings of choice. we advise adding the toppings after the refrigeration period, as they will likely get soft in the fridge as the oats absorb the milk. some of our favorites include nut butter, chocolate chips, fruit, coconut shreds, honey, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin pie spice, chopped nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt.